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Forklift Safety Training are MUST. It is so dangerous..

Forklifts are commonplace around construction sites, warehouses and factories. But these powered industrial trucks can be deadly if used improperly, and they require respect and diligence for safe operation.

To many accident and injuries involving forklifts occur every year in Malaysia. According to the Department Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). Forklift operators at heightened risk of injury or death include those who:

  • Have not been trained in the principles of physics that allow forklifts to lift heavy loads

  • Are unfamiliar with how a particular forklift works

  • Operate a forklift carelessly

  • Use a forklift despite the machine having missing parts or unapproved alterations

Forklifts may be powered diesel, petrol, gas and battery. It come in multiple sizes. Some forklifts have drawbars so they can pull weighty loads. Regardless of the type of forklift, one thing holds true, "All forklift operators must be trained". “An untrained forklift operator can be as dangerous as an unlicensed driver of a motor vehicle.

Forklift Safety Training in Malaysia

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